Scent Bar

Fresh & Clean

Forest of Fir – This fresh and woodsy evergreen scent boosts sweet notes of winterberry and

mint. Scent Notes: Top: Bergamot Middle: White Spruce base: Cedarwood and amber

Fresh Laundry – Gain + Sunlight, fluffy towels straight from the dryer. Scent Notes: Top: Lemon
Middle: Lime: Base Amber

Lavender Sage – Traditional lavender softened with sage and fern greens. Scent Notes: Top:
Lavender Base: Sage

Sugared Spruce- Slightly sweet, like the sap of a spruce tree. Scent Notes: Top: Spruce, Base:

Grapefruit – A sweet and tart scent, with fresh cut fruit aroma. Scent Notes: Top: Rhubarb,
Middle: Grapefruit Base: Berry

Eucalyptus – True Eucalyptus scent.

White Fir & Peach – Peach and warmed cedar. Scent Notes: Top: Peach Middle: White Fir
Needle Base: Cedarwood

Coconut Lime- A sunshine blend of fresh coconut and splashes of lime. Scent Notes: Top: Lime
Middle: Coconut Base: Vanilla

Japanese Cherry Blossom – A seductive floral scent inspired by exotic gardens. Scent Notes:
Top: Japanese Cherry Base: Vanilla

Rosemary Mint – Stimulating, invigorating combination of garden rosemary and cool peppermint
with a final note of camphor. Scent Notes: Top: Citrus, Eucalyptus Middle: Rosemary,

Peppermint Base: Camphor
Mango Papaya – An uplifting tropical blend of ripe mango and juicy papaya. Scent Notes: Top:
Mango, Strawberry, Bergamot Middle: Papaya, Raspberry Base: Sugar Cane

Island Hibiscus – Considered a sophisticated scent with a tropical fruit, greenery and sea
waters. Scent. Notes: Top: Berries, Orange, Peach Middle: Juicy Melon Base: White Clove,


Lavender – Classic Lavender

Lilac – Fresh picked lilacs. Scent Notes: Top: Lily, Bergamot Middle: Lilac Base: Cedar Leaf

Rose Petals- Floral bouquet of the most romantic flower. Scent Notes: Top: Rose Petals Middle:
Gernaium Base: Vanilla

Lily of the Valley – Freshly picked Lilly of the Valley

Jasmine & White Silk – A calming scent that has a balance of sweet and sophisticated jasmine
and light fruit notes. Scent Notes: Top: Jasmine, Black Currant Middle: Sage Base: Rose

Blackberry Sage – Sharp, ripened berries mingled with sage. Scent Notes: Top: Blackberry,
Citrus Middle: Jasmine Base: Sage

Orange Blossom Chamomile - Soft notes of Orange Blossom are surrounded by sophisticated
and smoothed by earthy musk and sweet narcissus. Scent Notes: Top: Bergamot Middle:
Jasmine Base: Mandarin


Basil and Bosc Pear – Bosc pear poached, garnished with fresh basil. Scent Notes: Top: Pear,
Green Apple. Mid: Herbal Basil. Base: Vanilla, Light Musk

Vanilla- A rich creamy baking scent. Classic vanilla

Black Raspberry- Sweet berries warmed with vanilla. Scent Notes: Top: Sweet Mandarin,
Blackberries Mid: Black Raspberries, Juicy Strawberries Base: Vanilla

Citrus & Sage – Sweet orange and soothing herb Scent Notes: Top: Herbaceous, Citrus Mid: Geranium, Lavender Base: Patchouli, Musk

Cedar Bark and Spice – Nature’s empowering cedar bark with subtle notes of spice. Woodsy and comforting. Scent Notes: Top: Cinnamon and Jasmine Mid: Neroli and French Lavender
Base: Cassia Root and Sandalwood

Clementine – Smells like a freshly peeled sweet orange. Scent Notes: Top: Orange Peel Mid:
Clementine Base: Honey

Spiced Apple- Harvest apple, mixed with a rich blend of cinnamon and nutmeg, with a touch of vanilla. Combined with cinnamon sticks and clove. Scent Notes: Top: Sweet Orange, Apple Mid:
Cinnamon Stick, Clove Base: Vanilla, Tonka Base

Gingersnap Cookie- Spices of ginger and cinnamon. Scent Notes: Top: Lemon , Cinnamon Clove Mid : Clove Buds Base: Vanilla
Pumpkin Oatmilk Chai- Sweet vanilla with oatmilk, topped with a shake of spice. Scent Notes: Top: Pumpkin Mid: Vanilla, Cinnamon Base: Nutmeg

Cinnamon – Spicy, smells like candy hearts.

Honey Fig and Ginger – Blend of fig with ginger. Scent Notes: Top: Citrus, Ginger, Nectar Mid: Wildflower Honey, Fig, Jasmine Base: Violet, Oat Moss

Maple Syrup – Alluring scent of fresh maple syrup. Hint of coffee. Scent Notes: Top: Coffee Mid: Carmel, Maple Base: Vanilla, Peru Balsam

Coffee Caramel – Crispy caramel and notes of mocha. Scent Notes: Top: Coffee Mid: Vanilla Base: Caramel


Peach – Smell of freshly picked peaches Scent Notes: Top: Citrus Mid: Peach, Apricot Base:
Vanilla Bean

Watermelon – Sweet juicy watermelon. Scent Notes: Top: Sweet Watermelon Mid: Juicy
Strawberries Base: Vanilla

Cranberry – Smells like sweet cranberry juice. Scent Notes: Top: Cranberry Base: Vanilla

Raspberry – Red raspberries, sun ripened and juicy.

Rhubarb Strawberry – Refreshing scent is sweet and tart with the right amount of spice. Scent
Notes: Top: Rhubarb Mid: Strawberries Base: Vanilla

Bergamot – Light, delicate and refreshing. Scent Notes: Top: Bergamot, Orange Mid: Clove
Base: Cedarwood + Sandalwood

Strawberry – Fresh from the patch.Scent Notes: Top: Strawberries Base: Vanilla

Berry Blast – A very berry blast blend of blueberry and cherry with a blast of raspberry. Scent
Notes: Top: Cherry, Citrus Mid: Raspberry Base: Vanilla

Starfruit and Aloe – Starfruit with soothing aloe. Scent Notes: Top: Hibiscus Mid: Bergamot
Base: Sandalwood

Peaches and Cream – Fresh peaches and rich creamy notes. Scent Notes: Top: Coconut and
Lime Mid: Peach Base: Vanilla

Dragonfruit – Vibrant burst of dragonfruit. Scent Notes: Top: Dragonfruit Mid: Chamomile Base:

Strawberry Lime Basil – A twist on freshly picked strawberries. Scent Notes: Top: Strawberry
and Lime Mid: Basil Base: Pear

Blackberry Sage
Mango Coconut – Ripe mango and heavenly coconut – a must have for summer! Scent Notes:
Top: Citrus Mid: Mango and Peach Base: Coconut

Lemon Coconut Vanilla – This delightful scent boasts notes of creamy whipped coconut milk
infused with bright lemon zest. Scent Notes: Top: Lemon Mid: Whipped Coconut Milk Base:
Sugared Vanilla Tonika

Lychee & Pink Orchid – vibrant lychee collides with intoxicating orchid. Scent Notes: Orchid Mid:
lychee Base: agave


Namaste - Deep, warm a scent that evokes feelings of calm and comfort. Scent Notes: Top:
Incense Mid: Copal Base: Patchouli

Eucalyptus Spruce – Blue spruce and eucalyptus create a fresh woodsy scent. Scent Notes:
Top: Eucalyptus Mid: Blue Spruce Base: Spearmint

Rosemary Mint – Stimulating, invigorating. Scent Notes: Top: Citrus, Eucalyptus Mid:
Rosemary, Peppermint Base: Camphor

Cedarwood – Cedarwood log scent. Scent Notes: Cedarwood

Lavender Lime and Mint – Upbeat lavender with crisp citrus and sparkle of mint. Scent Notes:
Top: Lime Mid: Lavender, Peppermint Base: Vetiver

Citronella – Bright crisp and zesty. Scent Notes: Top: Mandarin Zest, Lemon Mid: Citronella,
Bergamot Base: Ylang, Jasmine